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The Challenge of Creating Proposals

For this month’s Brown Bag, the team discussed the challenges around creating pitches and proposals, sometimes with strict parameters such budget and timing, before getting more visibility into the client’s expectations.
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Summer 2016 – Sun, music, and travel!

In the words of the Starks, “Winter is coming.” We're already reminiscing about the wonderful times we had this summer while we bundle up and drink our pumpkin spiced lattes. Here’s what some of our team members got up to this summer.
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What products have you used today?

A sleep tracker, coffee maker, razor? Perhaps a weather app, smart phone and vehicle; all before you even got to work! 

A product is something that serves a function, provides information, or facilitates a desired action. It helps you get something you need. It could be off-the-shelf or highly customized. It might be expensive or free. Either way, you likely had a choice of products and chose these to be part of your day based on your experience with it and how badly you needed it.

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Measuring Impact in Smiles

Few things are better than seeing the evidence of good work done by one’s endeavors. When actress Connie Nielsen came to Marker Seven several years ago to build a website for her non-profit Human Needs Project (HNP), the idea was to build facilities in slums that could provide basic services such as drinking water, toilets, hot showers, and laundry. But it was just that, an idea.

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Launching a Homegrown Bay Area Product

With so much B2B work – we recently completed projects for clients in machine learning, cloud connectivity and data pipelines, for example – it isn’t often that Marker Seven gets to work on a really fun consumer-facing product. This month, we kicked off a brand new product launch with Hatch, a creative agency that has crafted such iconic brands as Vitamin Water, Fat Tire and Krave. Hatch will develop the brand identity and story, packaging and point-of-sales collateral while Marker Seven creates a digital destination, online marketing strategy and content approach.
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Helping Sequel Succeed Where Others Have Failed

A veteran of Fortune 200 firms, Bill Mitchell spent nearly twenty years as CEO of global technology companies ranging in size from $50M to $20B. In retirement, Bill found himself connecting with visionary entrepreneurs, lending his vast knowledge and experience to helping them grow and scale their technology companies. But being a visionary himself, Bill also came up with a plan: To revolutionize the managed services sector for small and medium sized businesses.