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Why Update to Drupal 10

Why Update to Drupal 10

Drupal 10 was released to much fanfare in December, 2022. As one of the most popular and powerful web content management systems available today, it’s no surprise that the latest version of Drupal has updates to impress content creators and developers alike.

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CCPA & CPRA – A Consumer Privacy Primer

A Pew Research Study found that 79% of Americans were “Very” or "Somewhat" concerned about how their personal data is being used by companies. And 81% felt they have "Very little" or "No" control over the data that companies collect about them.
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The Rules Have Changed - Consumer Privacy in 2023

On January 1, 2023 the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) went into full effect. Known as Prop 24 on the November 2020 California ballot, the CPRA is best described as an amendment that significantly expands and clarifies the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a suite of consumer privacy rights that regulates the collection and sale of personal information.
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Good Work for Good Causes

M7 is a for profit company. We work with some of the world’s greatest thinkers and we apply our proven digital products design and development expertise to solving great challenges that move the world forward. Occasionally, we do it for free. Sometimes, doing our best work means tackling a pro bono project that is both rewarding for the nonprofit we are serving and for our team, who have the opportunity to use their skills in a way that is extra meaningful.

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Marker Seven on the forefront of Drupal Releases

At Marker Seven, our engineering approach embodies the concepts of Open-Source Software. We believe in the collective fostering of growth in web technologies, which is why for the last 12+ years we have been an active member of the Drupal Open-Source community. We have served as contributors, hosts, and sponsors for community events such as local Drupal Users Group meet-ups, BADcamp and the national DrupalCon. 

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Can A Digital Transformation Help an Association Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis?

What does it take to bring an industry into the future? Our client, the country’s largest association for the management arm of the finishing trades, has twenty years of insights into the answer.

With nearly two decades of shaping the industry to become the powerhouse it is today, Northern California Allied Trades, or NCAT, had the distinction of being one of most-utilized associations for union work in the Bay Area region, but wanted to expand its reach even further.

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The Future of Virtual Meetings

Without a definitive end date to the COVID-19 situation, the message resonating among meeting planners is “we might be going virtual for a while.”
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Staffing for Success

In the past few articles we have looked at technical concerns from the type of solution you may need to have your best event, to constraints to be aware of when running the event live or on demand. Now, we’ll delve into staffing. 
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Understanding Constraints

Managing a remote workforce has never been a more pressing concern and managing client relationships from a distance is a new challenge for many businesses as well. Understandably, many companies and teams were simply unprepared for an entire organizational shift to virtual meetings and distance work. And the options abound for how to navigate the seemingly endless choices – how do you find what works best for you?