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Design for Aging Gets Updated Look from Marker Seven

When the American Institute of Architects’ San Francisco chapter needed a new page to feature an active sub-committee, Marker Seven stepped up to help. The result is a place where the Design for Aging Committee serving the Bay Area, (DFA) can share their mission, promote events, and engage their community.

The Human Needs Project Delivers Fresh Water - Marker Seven Delivers New Look

Marker Seven is very proud to announce the launch of a new website and branding vision for The Human Needs Project (HNP). Marker Seven worked with HNP’s founders and supporters to help them communicate the message of the visionary non-profit. The result is an online platform where the HNP community can connect, learn, and collaborate.

Marker Seven Wins 2013 W3 Gold Award for FSE

Marker Seven is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a 2013 W3 Gold Award for the redesign of, a provider of solid fuel fire boiler systems, turnkey boilers and power systems, as well as renewable power solutions in the biomass space. The W3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web and recognizes the professionals behind the award winning sites.

Why We're Stuck with IE8

Exciting elements of HTML5 are appearing all over the Internet. Web video without plugins such as Flash and QuickTime is now possible thanks to the new <video> element. YouTube, is conducting ongoing HTML5 video trials for desktop browsers and has already gone HTML5-only for mobile browsing. Combined with CSS3 and JavaScript, all sorts of new possibilities are coming to life with HTML5.

SEO and Why Search Rank is Relative

Marker Seven is asked frequently about how to build websites that are search engine optimized. Usually, the question goes something like: “Will my site show up on the first page of Google?” The answer, however, is a little tricky.

Marker Seven is Chosen by Zoom Systems for Website and Product Redesign

Marker Seven is pleased to have been chosen by ZoomSystems, a leader in the growing automated retail industry, to redesign its corporate website and various interfaces for its products. The project was initiated as a result of the company’s rapid growth and need to better convey the products and services it offers.

Backup Management The Son-Father-Grandfather Methodology

Marker Seven is often asked about the necessity and methodology for backing up the websites we build and deploy. As the lifeblood of a business’s online presence, it is imperative to have a backup solution in place, should the unthinkable happen. Even the best-maintained data sometimes becomes corrupted; even the most secure servers are sometimes compromised.

The goal of any backup management plan is twofold:

Catching the Mobile Market - Responsive Design

Today’s websites have to work harder than ever. Not only do they support more stages within the sales funnel, including purchasing and customer support, they also must look good on screens from 4-inch smart phones to 23+inch desktop monitors and everything in between.

Content Strategy a Key Element to a Successful Website Project

Creating a great user experience means creating great content. But just like designing a website is more than picking colors and fonts, a content strategy is more than copywriting individual pages. Both design and content require a strategic understanding of user expectation, usability, and business goals.