Launching a Homegrown Bay Area Product

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With so much B2B work – we recently completed projects for clients in machine learning, cloud connectivity and data pipelines, for example – it isn’t often that Marker Seven gets to work on a really fun consumer-facing product. This month, we kicked off a brand new product launch with Hatch, a creative agency that has crafted such iconic brands as Vitamin Water, Fat Tire and Krave. Hatch will develop the brand identity and story, packaging and point-of-sales collateral while Marker Seven creates a digital destination, online marketing strategy and content approach.

A locally-made Bay Area product in the food and beverage category, this new product won’t be sold online and will only be available in a few upscale markets to start. Working on a fairly short timeline, Marker Seven will build a custom website on the Drupal open-source platform to launch at the same time as the product. The launch strategy will include SEO, content creation, and social media while the website will help customers find the product, learn more about it and be able to interact with the brand. With a list of ideas to develop further after launch, Marker Seven is looking forward to evolving the digital site as the brand grows and matures.

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