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"The Future of Cancer Therapy."


Accuray is a leader in non-invasive, radiation oncology cancer therapies. With a suite of outdated corporate sites and the acquisition of a competitor, the company’s digital landscape was failing to keep pace with the competition. A fragmented brand experience – and deep management challenges for its IT and marcom teams – were just a few of the problems we were asked to resolve.

Our approach was to develop a digital strategy combining all properties on the Drupal platform. Second, we reimagined the overall experience to engage Accuray’s audiences (including international) and faithfully express the brand. Lastly, we redesigned Accuracy’s physician portal focused on training, knowledge sharing, and professional community building.

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Project Details

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Taking Back Control

Building new sites on the Drupal CMS platform, enabling multiple languages, and integrating existing sites on Expression Engine and a Magento e-commerce platform, we helped the marketing team regain control over the digital suite. Able to better update and maintain the content while pulling robust reporting, they could now focus on future technical migration strategies to accommodate growth and the implementation of new third party technologies.

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Putting People At Ease

Another audience not being served was patients. In an industry traditionally focused on the clinical stories of robotics, technology, and specifications, clinical teams didn’t have messaging to sell the treatment to their customers. Our user experience process identified Accuray’s key competitive advantage as its “quickest time to recovery” over other treatment methods. Developing messaging and visuals that focused on people who are quickly ‘back in action’ after treatment, we created patient sites for each device that deliver this message in a guided experience. The goal is to inspire people to undergo treatment with confidence.

Chinese / English Multilingual

Historically, Accuray had focused most of its marketing efforts on B2B domestic sales while customers and potential customers in international markets were only lightly considered. We enabled Accuray to better connect with global markets by developing a multi-language feature that can be managed through a single interface. International versions of the corporate website were created in seven languages by teams around the world using the interface, allowing users to toggle between languages with one click.

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Hands holding a tablet pointing to a screen showing Accuray's clinical forum

Complete Training

The most important audience for Accuray is the clinical teams who need to use the multi-million dollar CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Systems for ‘no two are alike’ treatments. We worked with the original vendors of Accuray’s clinical forum – Accuray Exchange in Radiation Oncology (AERO) – to pull the portal into the family while continuing to improve it as a community venue for teams to share and discuss their practices in precision radiation oncology.