Marker Seven's State of the Business Offsite

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Marker Seven recently enjoyed an educational and fun-filled day of paintball, hiking, fireside grilling and team building on a 1500-acre ranch in the beautiful hills of Marin County. As an added bonus, a biologist working on the property talked with us about efforts to protect endangered local species such as the red-legged frog, the steelhead trout and the many rare plant types that inhabit the area. The day included a “state of the business” presentation to align our goals for the coming year and to talk about Marker Seven’s vision for the future. This off-site adventure was a great way for our team to connect with one of the many pro bono projects we are involved with each year.

Many thanks to Kent Carter for donating the use of the ranch to Marker Seven, organizing paintball and the biology presentation, and providing us with food and drinks. It was the perfect means for our team to regroup and prepare for a successful year ahead.

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