Marker Seven's Art is Education Site wins IMA Outstanding Achievemanet Award

Marker Seven is proud to announce that it recently won the Interactive Media Awards Outstanding Achievement Award for 2012 (in the Kids category) out of 133 entries for the recently redesigned Art Is Education Website. This award represents one of the highest honors bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the very best in design, content quality, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance.

The Art Is Education program website ( project was a comprehensive redesign that focused on updating the AIE presence to reflect a modern style and create a user experience that best reflects the organization and its goals. Marker Seven's user experience team gave the AIE program a more professional, clean, classic, energetic, and artistic feel that engages its audience in a supportive and useful way. The project excelled in all areas of the IMA judging criteria and represents a very high standard of planning, execution and overall professionalism.

Marker Seven is celebrating this exciting news, and benchmarking its achievement to continue creating high caliber websites for the future.

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