Marker Seven Launches New Art is Education Program Website for Alameda County Office of Education

Marker Seven is proud to announce the launch of the new Art Is Education (AIE) program website for the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE). The AIE program is a wonderful program that promotes art education in public schools. ACOE established the AIE program in 1999 to demonstrate the measurable benefits of arts learning in order to ensure the highest quality public education for every child, in every school, every day.

This comprehensive redesign focused on updating the AIE presence to reflect a modern aesthetic, modern content management, and create a user experience that best relfects the AIE organization, its message, and its resources for its intended audience. Drupal 7 powers the content management system that allows the AIE program to manage its copy, workflows, downloadable items, event registration, and create web forms. Our user experience team gave the AIE program a more professional, clean, classic, energetic, and artistic feel that engages its audience in a supportive and useful way.

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