Marker Seven Kicks Off Human Needs Project

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Group of people cutting ribbon in a launch ceremony

The Marker Seven Team recently kicked off a redesign project for the Human Needs Project, a Community Resource Center which provides communities and slums around the world with Clean Water, Public Baths, Sanitation, Clean Energy, a central Information Kiosk, Wifi and a Marketplace where local entrepreneurs connected to a Community Resource Center will produce and sell locally necessary products supported with the latest low-tech, green technology from Berkeley, MIT and Harvard. “We are very excited to be working with such an innovative, forward thinking organization” said John Clauss, CEO of Marker Seven. “By providing the local people with a self sustaining business model, it is going to change the way non-profit organizations approach initiatives in the future.”

The new site will convey the project’s innovative approach to addressing the needs of slums around the world while improving the user's experience through enhanced interaction, and an intuitive site architecture making it easier to find information about the organization and how to get involved. In addition, real-time reports will be posted about the Town Center’s performance and results.

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