Marker Seven keeps Zoom Systems Growing

Marker Seven is pleased to announce the launch of a fully re-designed website platform for ZoomSystems. The industry-leading innovator of automated retail “ZoomShops” approached Marker Seven to help them more clearly communicate their business differentiators and convey a hi-tech, “legitimate” image to resellers and consumers alike. The result is a clean, elegant design that remains laser-focused on key brand messaging.

Since 2002, ZoomSystems has defined the industry in point-of-sale solutions for brands and retailers. As true market leaders, they realized they needed a better platform to educate a largely uninformed industry. “Our audience has a variety of job titles and responsibilities, but they are all tasked with discovering and developing new sales channels,” says David Popler, Senior VP of Business Development. “We need to tell our story and make the business case that automated retail can not only increase retail profitability, but also reduce theft and shrinkage.”

Marker Seven developed a “less is more” approach for the new website. “We used lots of white space between page elements and a minimalist approach to imagery, borders, and backgrounds,” says Scott Abbott, Creative Director at Marker Seven. “This keeps the visitor focused on messaging and allows the product images to stand out.” A significant amount of gray is used to convey a hi-tech “next-generation” image. The site is built on the Drupal content management system, which gives ZoomSystems powerful but easy-to-use tools for ongoing maintenance and growth.

“We were very excited to work with ZoomSystems,” says John Clauss, CEO of Marker Seven. “They are a fast-growing, forward-looking company and it was a pleasure to help them take the next step in their online brand and marketing presence.”

About ZoomSystems

ZoomSystems provides end-to-end solutions for automated in-store and satellite retail. The ZoomShop network now boasts over 1500 locations in airports, malls, resorts, and retail stores across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan. Their brand and retail partners include Best Buy, Macy’s, Proactiv, and Amazon.

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