Marker Seven Hits the Lucky Strike Lanes

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Bowling balls lined up on rack

Last week the M7 team headed down to Lucky Strike for some afternoon bowling. Blowing off some steam at a retro, trendy bowling alley? Don’t mind if I do.

“Did you tell them you hate bowling?” my sister, who stopped by the lanes when visiting for the weekend, asked me.

“Nope! But feel free to mention it so they know why I’m so awful….”

At this point, me being awful was not news to anyone. We were a few games in and the talent ranking was already well secured. Everyone else was somehow great (Were they in secret bowling leagues? Was it their endless opportunities to practice at their children’s birthday parties? I racked my brain), while I remained absolutely terrible.

My teammates were John and Jeremy, who naturally, exceled effortlessly at the sport. And to be honest, they were basically forced onto my team so it wouldn’t be a total shut down. Early on, Jeremy took what could only be pity on my soul and began to coach me. “The ball can’t bounce when you first throw it, you need to time your release while you lower your body, watch out for your hand overcorrecting.” Meanwhile, John celebrated my successes and provided the necessary comic relief that comes with the tension of endless awful bowling (ie; “IT’S ALL ON YOU, TAYLOR!!!” *cue laughter from everyone). Little bits here and there, until game 5, nothing short of a miracle happened. I bowled well. VERY well. I can’t even remember my score, all I remember were turkeys all across the board. Just kidding, I think it was an 80 something.

It was a lot more fun this way!

Similar to the workplace; we all have a set of strengths and a set of weaknesses. How you exchange those with your teammates, and your willingness to exchange and accept them, can make all the difference. Often in my job as a project manager I rely on the knowledge and experience of my teammates in their respective fields. I trust their judgment. If I continue to hone my strengths and include others in my efforts to improve on the areas I need growth, I create an opportunity for better work and a tighter-knit workplace. Which are all good things.

And maybe get a turkey (for real!) when I bowl one of these days. Will keep you updated!


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