Marker Seven Helps Financial Aid TV Delivery On-Demand Videos

POSTED ON March 30, 2010

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency, is now enabling Financial Aid TV to deliver its custom online video content to college and university students over their mobile phones. The new mobile access is available through an on-demand application thatMarker Seven developed specifically for Financial Aid TV.

“Mobile access to our on-demand videos represents a new level of service to our college partners,” saidDamon Vangelis, Publisher of Financial Aid TV. “Our new mobile solution now enables these institutions to deliver information to the growing body of students who have Internet accessible smart phones. Students are using these devices throughout the day to access and share social media content, including videos, as well as talk and text. We elected to work with Marker Seven because of their technical competency to handle the mobile project.”

Financial Aid TV answers student questions about financial aid 24/7 via short, dynamic, online videos – from “What is Financial Aid?” and “How Do I Know if I Qualify?” to “Will Financial Aid Pay for All of My Expenses?” and much more. This enables partner colleges and universities to free up valuable staff resources. Financial Aid TV customizes the content to meet the specific needs of each institution and provides a new Web portal for each college or university as they sign up.

Optimizing Financial  Aid TV for Mobile Access

While mobile browsers are rapidly catching up to the power of a desktop PC, their low-resolution displays and limited bandwidth impose both design and technical limitations. Support for media formats, Flash, and JavaScript across different operating systems such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android is not yet standardized.

To accommodate these limitations, Marker Seven created a new mobile interface for Financial Aid TV, which is lightweight and optimized for touch screen interaction. The mobile site is able to offer students quick access to the videos they need, without having to sacrifice functionality.  Schools have the option of automatically redirecting users on supported devices to the mobile site or providing a separate URL.

“The mobile application we created for Financial Aid TV users was a particularly exciting project for us,” said John Clauss, Marker Seven president. “This is where the industry is heading – to provide users with content they can access from their phones and be assured of the same rich experience they would have by going online from their computers. Because of our technical competency, we are hearing from more and more companies seeking applications optimized for mobile use. We see this as a significant new growth area for our firm.”

About Financial  Aid TV

Financial Aid TV is an online video service of CareerAmerica, a Boulder, Colorado-based custom educational publisher that has been serving colleges and universities in the area of financial aid since 2003. Financial Aid TV supplies educational institutions with custom online video services that generate efficiencies in the communication of financial aid information, counseling sessions, and workshops, thus generating time and cost savings for schools. Financial Aid TV currently works with institutions of higher education in over 30 states.

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