Maker Seven Support CIS VFX Group Expansion With Site Redesign

Marker Seven, an award-winning digital agency completed the redesign and Drupal development of the CIS VFX Group Website to help the award-winning visual effects company in its recent brand awareness initiative. The new CIS VFX Group site now richly conveys the company’s technical expertise, showcasing its visual contributions to such box office hits as Angels and Demons, the Changeling, G.I. Joe and Inglorious Basterds and highlighting its consolidation of CIS Hollywood and CIS Vancouver.

“Visual effects are in virtually every motion picture and have become a transparent extension of photography,” said Al Walton, Media Director, CIS VFX Group. “Ironically, you never see our best work. We use technology to serve and enhance the filmmakers’ vision in an efficient, cost effective and often, invisible way. Marker Seven understood the vital role our site plays in delivering a simple, potent message to our marketplace. They had the technical expertise to help us showcase our competency and the user-experience savvy to make sure our message was clear and accessible.”

In redesigning the CIS VFX Group site, Marker Seven employed Visual Design, User Experience and Drupal, an open-source content management system (CMS). CIS VFX Group online visitors now experience an entirely new HTML-based Web site that leverages the company’s identity and messaging. The site effectively conveys the company’s technical capabilities, enhances the user experience, and provides key content about CIS VFX Group services and past projects.

Drupal, which is especially geared for non-technical users, also enables CIS VFX Group to handle its own updates of content, content organization, navigation, imagery, colors and typography. By supporting user and content management, blogging and community and social networking features, Drupal's modular framework will allow CIS VFX Group to add these features as its online initiative grows.

“We certainly understand how critical the look and feel – not to mention the usability – of a site is for a company whose stock in trade is the visual image,” said John Clauss, Marker Seven president. We are very proud that the resulting site clearly conveys what this company can do so that customers and prospects immediately understand the CIS VFX Group value proposition.”

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