Adobe Announces "Edge"

Adobe recently held an event in San Francisco as part of their Create the Web tour. The tour (and this event in San Francisco) focuses on how Adobe is helping the web move forward, and shows off its cool new Edge product suite that's full of new tools and technologies that enable web designers and developers to create the experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible on the web.

After attending the event, it's clear that Adobe recognizes that the web world is trending to using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Adobe never mentioned Flash, and instead focused its energy on introducing Edge. The Edge suite includes:

  • Edge Animate- an animation tool that utilizes HTML5 for better compatibility on devices.
  • Edge Inspect- for testing sites across multiple devices simultaneously
  • Edge Reflow- the next generation WYSIWYG designed to help you create responsive websites.
  • Edge Web Fonts- which leverages a partnership with Monotype (a leading typesetting and typeface design company). Edge Web Fonts in concert with Monotype will give developers with an alternative to Google Fonts.

These announcements are very exciting. Especially because they are offering the Edge suite at no cost to encourage designers and developers give these new tools a try. More importantly, it's good to know that the company that has such a large influence recognizes where the world's going and is making sure to stay ahead of the curve in the coming years.

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