VCU Health

Connecting with the largest audience possible

VCU Health is a medical center at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia, dedicated to leading-edge technology and academically-driven excellence.

 Shown on different devices -  A Marker Seven Case Study

Every month, VCU Health produced and distributed a PDF newsletter to 12,000+ staff members about the program, but the general lack of engagement with the static newsletter caused program managers to wonder if they could implement a more effective communication strategy.
Partnering with VCU Health’s advertising agency, initiate•it, Marker Seven designed and built a robust publishing platform that incorporated VCU Health’s new brand, reduced time spent on logistics by program managers and presented the material in a far more engaging and informative way.  

Marker Seven Services

  • Insight & Planning
  • Digital planning
  • Problem definition
  • Focus Groups
  • Experience & User Interface
  • Technical design
  • Multi device responsive design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface design
  • Experience design
  • Content design
  • Digital Products
  • Custom Applications
  • Web-based publishing platform
  • Measurement
  • Product Performance Measurement and Analysis
  • User testing and usability

Our Work