World Cycling Lands Stateside in Richmond, VA

POSTED ON September 28, 2015

On the last Sunday in September, on a beautiful sunny day, football fans all over the city groaned as the San Francisco 49ers got their asses handed to them by the Arizona Cardinals. On the east coast, an equally beautiful day was unfolding at the other Marker Seven location in Richmond, Virginia. But for these locals, the day felt nothing short of triumphant.

That’s because the cycling world championships, which almost exclusively takes place in Europe, landed stateside in one of America’s oldest cities. Athletes of quite a different nature dominated the cobblestone streets and showed Americans that there is more to Sundays and sports than football. 

Hosting riders and tourists from all over the world, Richmond became the center of the universe for a day and it was glorious. While the Americans didn’t win, they achieved personal bests to the cheers of an audience that actually knew their names.

The nine-day event, attended by nearly a half a million people was even written up in the Wall Street Journal for the those of us who weren’t able to attend:

  • John Clauss