Marker Seven Wins 2013 W3 Gold Award for FSE

POSTED ON October 14, 2013

Marker Seven is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a 2013 W3 Gold Award for the redesign of, a provider of solid fuel fire boiler systems, turnkey boilers and power systems, as well as renewable power solutions in the biomass space. The W3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web and recognizes the professionals behind the award winning sites.

“FSE Energy was not only redesigning their website, they were rebranding themselves to reach a broader, international audience. They had a strong sense of where they wanted to go, but needed help translating their brand into the online space,” says John Clauss, CEO of Marker Seven. “We are very pleased that our efforts have resulted in the site being acknowledged as best in their industry.” is a photo-immersive product showcase that gives FSE Energy a channel for reaching a varied audience. “FSE Energy needed to speak not only to potential customers, but also to resellers and project financiers who use the site as a resource for vetting the company. The first impressions and messaging were critical,” says Scott Abbott, Creative Director at Marker Seven. The completed site exudes an industrial aesthetic and international voice.

About the W3 Award

Each W3 Award honors creative excellence and is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. The award is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body of top-tier industry professionals. In 2013, the W3 Awards received over 4,000 entries.

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