Marker Seven is Chosen by Zoom Systems for Website and Product Redesign

POSTED ON September 09, 2013

Marker Seven is pleased to have been chosen by ZoomSystems, a leader in the growing automated retail industry, to redesign its corporate website and various interfaces for its products. The project was initiated as a result of the company’s rapid growth and need to better convey the products and services it offers.

“Marker Seven is excited to work with ZoomSytems to help them build a site that will function as a platform for growing the automated retail industry,” says John Clauss, CEO. “This is an exploding retail channel, and ZoomSystems has lead the way in developing the tools and technology for reaching it.”

The new site will be built on the Drupal CMS system that will allow Zoom to easily manage and maintain the site.  A fresh design and re-imagined architecture will help ZoomSystem reach both potential partners and consumers. “When the site goes live, it will do a much better job of reflecting the company’s innovative technologies and global market leadership,” says Marker Seven’s Creative Director, Scott Abbott.

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