Marker Seven 10+ Years in the Making

POSTED ON June 07, 2011

This week we celebrate the past 10 years (almost 11) since we started Marker Seven.  When we first started we couldn’t have imagined the way the digital industry would evolve, but here we are ten years later working with our team of visual designers, user experience experts, web developers, project managers, strategist and online marketing specialists.  We could not be happier to not just be in existence but also continue to grow and thrive.

Our agency started just as the dot com bubble burst. While starting a business during a downturn may sound like a bad idea, it turns out that it has helped us create an efficient business that has survived through turbulent economic times.  The timing turned out to be surprisingly fortuitous.  

We can’t help but laugh at one story from the first few months of business.  With a determination to save money to keep the business alive, the two founders hopped on a small Honda scooter to get to a meeting instead of taking a cab.  With two guys wearing business suits, big red helmets and computer bags weighing down the scooter,  it was barely able to make it up a climb on one of San Francisco’s steep streets.  Followed closely by honking angry drivers, they made it over the hill and to their meeting.  While the founders no longer travel to meetings together on scooters, there are still many fun experiences that they share with team members as the business continues to grow.

With several offices throughout the US and Canada, and a client list of over 200 clients, we are thankful for all of the hard work our team has put in over the past decade and proud of the work they continue to deliver for our clients.  Moreover, we have provided pro bono work to a wide range of non–profit organizations as one of our focuses has been to give back and to support the local community.

We thank all of our employees (past and present), partners, clients, friends and family for helping us grow and be a better agency. We are looking forward to the next ten years… but first we are going to celebrate with an Argentine asado this Thursday, June 9. Everyone is invited, so if you can make it, we’d love to have you. Please RSVP here.

- Marker Seven Team

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